Course Syllabus

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  Course Summary

Students will explore Spanish culture, art, music, history, geography. Students will extend their Spanish vocabulary words, learn different verb tenses, punctuation and grammar. Students will read, write, listen and respond using the Spanish language to complete assignments and special projects. Students will practice their oral comprehension skills to be able to speak with fluency in the Spanish language. 

  Course Teacher

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  Teacher Name: Senora Graham

  Email Address

  Phone Number: 817-252-2181


  Course Materials

Student should have available pens, pencils, notebooks to take notes during class. Students will need to have access to Pearson Easy Bridge and Edpuzzle. Codes and instructions for enrolling in these resources with be provided at a later time. 

  Classroom Expectations (In-Person and Virtual)

Teacher Expectations: Be patient and kind to each other. Be respectful by listening first and then asking questions. 

Student Expectations: I will request that you write your own expectations from teacher and others. Online Etiquette Icon.png

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  Course Standards (TEKS)

Prerequisite Spanish I or proficiency in the Spanish language. Oral comprehension via reading, grammar, verb conjugations, vocabulary enhancement, cultural studies, listening, speaking writing the Spanish language.

Course Summary:

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