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  Course Summary

U.S. History

This is a survey course of U.S. History from 1877-Present Day. In this course we will study major eras  and events such as the Gilded Age, Progressive Era, 1920's, Great Depression, Turbulent 1960's, Vietnam War, and the technological age of the 90's and 2000's. During this course we will focus on the social, political, and economic issues that helped shape the America that we are living in today. This is also a STAAR tested subject and we will be preparing for that test throughout the school year by developing strategies for test taking and primary source analysis. 

  Course Teacher

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Josh Cox 



  Course Materials

McGraw Hill Online Textbook

3 Subject notebook (for Face to Face learning)


 Classroom Expectations (In-Person and Virtual)

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  Course Standards (TEKS)

STAAR Objectives for U.S. History

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