Course Syllabus

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  Course Summary

The Irma Marsh Beginner Band consists primarily of 6th grade students enrolled at Irma Marsh Middle School. The beginner band focuses on learning the fundamentals of music and basic instrumental techniques used throughout the band program! The skills developed in this course will carry through to the advanced band classes their 7th and 8th grade year.

  Course Teachers

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  Course Materials

Chromebook, Pencil, Paper, Instrument and Instrument Supplies (once placed on instrument by a director)

  Classroom Expectations (In-Person and Virtual)

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  Course Standards (TEKS)

The fine arts incorporate the study of dance, music, theatre, and the visual arts to offer unique experiences and empower students to explore realities, relationships, and ideas. These disciplines engage and motivate all students through active learning, critical thinking, and innovative problem solving. The fine arts develop cognitive functioning and increase student academic achievement, higher-order thinking, communication, and collaboration skills, making the fine arts applicable to college readiness, career opportunities, workplace environments, social skills, and everyday life. Students develop aesthetic and cultural awareness through exploration, leading to creative expression. Creativity, encouraged through the study of the fine arts, is essential to nurture and develop the whole child.

  1. Foundations: music sound literacy. The student describes and analyzes music and musical sound. The student explores fundamental skills appropriate for a developing young musician.
  2. Foundations: music notation literacy. The student reads and writes music notation using an established system for rhythm and melody.
  3. Creative expression. The student demonstrates musical artistry by singing or playing an instrument, alone and in groups, performing a variety of unison, homophonic, and polyphonic repertoire. The student makes music at an appropriate level of difficulty and performs in a variety of genres from notation and by memory.
  4. Historical and cultural relevance. The student relates music to history, culture, and the world.
  5. Critical evaluation and response. The student listens to, responds to, and evaluates music and musical performance in both formal and informal settings.

Course Summary:

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