Course Syllabus

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  Course Summary

Art II-IV and AP Art & Design are all very exciting, welcoming, and comprehensive courses written for beginning level artists and working their way up to more experienced artists as you continue up the ladder to the AP courses. These courses include interactive activities and multicultural studio projects representing a wide variety of cultures, artistic styles and art media. These courses are designed to enrich the lives of their participants through discovery and creative problem solving. They provide students with a broader perception of their environment and cultural perspectives. The courses were designed around the following key concepts:

  • Meaningful, hands-on learning experiences that allow for personal growth and creative expression
  • Integration of aesthetics, art criticism, art history, and studio production
  • Sequentially planned experiences that build on concepts and provide learning opportunities that incorporate a variety of media, artistic styles and historical periods

Throughout these courses, students will keep an art portfolio (keep all of their produced artworks) featuring selected works of art. In addition, students will self-examine completed works in an effort to foster a sense of accomplishment and commitment to high standards of art production.

  Course Teacher

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Rachel Cecil

(817) 252-2147

  Course Materials

For Remote Learning:

  • ALWAYS bring your art kits and the project you are currently working on.
  • Sketchbooks
    • Sketchbooks will be used for sketch assignments once we return to in-person schooling, but can also be used for producing artwork at home. This will keep all of your artwork together nice and neatly while we are in remote learning.

  Classroom Expectations (In-Person and Virtual)

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  Course Standards (TEKS)

We will be following the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) to commit to growing this year and every year. Visual arts and other classes can be found on this website:

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